Eco-friendly Multi-charging System Using Natural Energy, Sunlight
DINO Solar

Eco-friendly multi-charger using solar light.
Smartphone charging and black box power supply.
Automotive battery discharge prevention (surplus power).
Can be connected to external black box to supply constant current.
It is easy to carry and is suitable for leisure life such as car, ship, mountain climbing, camping.
Essential for disasters such as earthquakes and volcanoes.
PCT application product.

Product Specifications

Rated Input Solar cell 6V / 1.5A, Power 5V / 2.4A, Car 12V
Rated Output DC5V / 1.5A, DC5V / 1.8A, 13.5V / 0.5A
Size 210(W) * 210(H) * 250(D), 380(W) * 210(H) * 250(D)
Weight Standard 290g
Material PC Resin and Electronic parts
Use and storage temperature -10℃ ~ +80℃
DVR Type
Recording Time

DINO Solar

Certification Status

Patent 10-1618623
Patent 10-1562044
Design Registration 30-0825230
PCT PCT/KR2016/002740
PCT PCT/KR2015/005293