KD-3000A(Dual charger for home use)


KD-3000A(Dual charger for home use)

Two smart devices can be charged simultaneously with a single charger.
Available for all micro 5-pin models, regardless of company or model.
Convenient USB type cable for data transfer.
Allows Simultaneous charging of high capacity smart devices with 3A battery.
Products developed and designed by us.

Product Specifications

Rated Input AC100~220V, 0.5A 50~60Hz
Rated Output DC5V, 3A
Size 95(L) * 40(W) * 26(T)
Weight 60g, Cable 46g
Material PC Resin and Metal
Use and storage temperature 0℃ ~ +50℃

Certification Status

Design Registration 30-0829370
Design Registration 30-0756673
Utility Model Registration 20-0472137
Utility Model Registration 20-0460888
PCT PCT/KR2013/001282


KD-3000A Configuration