KSA-2000A(Dual charger for home use)


Dual Charger for Household Use (KSA-2000A_DINOTAP USB Type Micro 5pin Multi-charger for Household Use)

Our initial model, 2A product, is suitable for small smart phones.
Available for all micro 5-pin models, regardless of company or model.
Convenient USB type.

Product Specifications

Rated Input AC100 ~ 220V, 0.3A 50~60Hz
Rated Output DC5V, 2A
Size 95(L) * 40(W) * 26(T)
Weight 45g, Cable 46g
Material PC Resin and Metal
Use and storage temperature 0℃ ~ +50℃


KSA-2000A Configuration

Certification Status

Design Registration  30-0756673
Design Registration 30-0745626
Design Registration  30-0695511
Utility Model Registration 20-0472137
Utility Model Registration  20-0460888
PCT PCT/KR2013/001282